How to Cook Rice

How to Cook Rice

How to Cook Rice

Before Cook Rinse the Rice

Rinse the rice before we cook it is so annoying but it is good for your health. Some type of dust and small stones in the rice its also good for your rise taste and they make your rice is sticky. Just place your rice in fine a big bowl under the cold water and change the water up to 1to 3 times until water is clear on the top of the water.

Remember the Ratio

The ratio of the water is depending upon the types of rice. Some rice takes more water and some take a few water. Always remember according to rice 1 cup of rice and 2 cup of water and check water is down or up and also check the rice up to two times.

Water to boil

Bring the water to boil after boil the water add rice into the water and check the salt the salt is less to add for better taste.

How to Cook Rice

Get proper simmer

After adding the rice give the proper temperature to rice. The temperature goes to slow down and rice is cooked on gentle simmer, otherwise the rice cooked on high flame and it goes to burn and your rice gets tinder.

Cover with the lid

Fully cover the saucepan with lid and low the flame. Cooked the rice on steam don’t lid off because steam is very important for rice.

Check Rice after 20 minutes

For white rice you should be set time for 20 minutes it’s a proper time often some time rice can take few minutes more. Its normally some water are on the rice its totally fine, Note (for brown rice it take 25 minutes) check it at 25 minutes.

Leave it Alone

Firstly cook the rice for 20 minutes, time by time check the bottom doesn’t burning down. After cooking replace the lid and don’t stir. You can check your rice after  17 minutes but you open pan under 15 minutes wont cook and one thing(leave it at very low temperature) By the way you flame at high temperature they burn. Rice can be done after 20 minutes and they still hard and you do one thing splash of hot water and replace the lid back. They take few more time to cook the rice and don’t worry about them the rice will be get on low flame and the rice will be cooked very fine.

Mix up the rice

After 20 minutes take off the lid and gently mix up the rice with fork or other tool you may like and one thing make sure the grain don’t bound each other and don’t to be sticky.


What kind of Rice should I use

According to your taste in market have many type of rice the one is long grain-white rice this kind not easy cooked for everyone. Easy cook might seem simpler, these in cooking it may be simpler because is non-stick and more shiny.

It cooked very easily but it not tasty it absorbs the flavor of your sauces you add into it. But you cooked in fried rice they can’t absorb your sauces taste and other ingredients you add into it. I used only this rice for making stuffed papers just because they cooked very faster and I would like the recipe and they show me the different texture for that recipe.

How to Cook Rice



1; Rinse the Rice

2; Witch type of rice should I use

3; Remember the Ratio off the Rise add 1 cup of rice and 2 cup of water

4; Water to boil

5; Get proper simmer

6; cover with the lid

7; check After 20 minutes

8; Leave it alone

9; Mix up the rice



  • In first step rinse the rice before cooking some type of dust starch and other thing can be removed by water.
  • In 2nd step remember the ratio 1 cup of rice and 2 cup of water to add.
  • In 3rd step boil the water on high flame and check the salt before adding the rice.
  • In 4th after adding the rice give him proper simmer.
  • In 5th step cover the pan with lid and leave it for 20 minutes.
  • In 6th step check rice after 20 minutes on finger the rice will smashed easily they will be fine and they not smashed easily add a little water in rice and leave it alone on very low flame for 20 minutes.
  • In 7th step after 20 minutes fluff it fork and each grain are spread from each other not bound from one another.

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